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6:46 PM

Customizing Motorcycles.

If you have a bike, and want to get it really dressed up, now is the time to do it, while the cold weather is around. There are some good deals on customizing equipment too, great for a Christmas present. It always amazes me how good a bike can look, even an older run down model once things are cleaned up and polished, and some dress up items added. You can even make a parts motorcycle look like a new bike, just by adding some shiny parts, together with a little TLC.
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8:28 PM

Party everywhere!

My plans had been ruin with all the parties going on these days. It's like every weekend there's a party. We went to a big 18th birthday party of the daughter of one of our good friends here. And it was a big celebration. There was a cotillion and it was held in a fancy hotel. Of course, there was food and drinks and we partied all night. My son was just dancing and loving all the music that night. Well, for me, the party was awesome but it did ruin my diet a bit....then there was another surprise 50th birthday party for a good friend here...lot's of food and again, I indulged myself...well, there you go, no dieting for me(at least for now, again!)
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6:58 AM

This could be the answer

As I have previously said, I have gained about 20 pounds in a year. Sounds very scary, but I am trying to keep my food intake down as much as possible now.The human body reacts in unusual ways to outside influences, and so it might be that for some people at least, losing weight is difficult once it is added on, like me, for instance. There are the usual dieting methods(which I am trying to do), these actually normally cannot be sustained indefinitely. And dieting pills may not suit everyone. Then there is surgery. Sounds a bit radical, but nowadays they have found that they can use reversible methods that have similar effects to stomach stapling, but without the irreversible part of it. It is called lapband, and you can get more details at journeylite.com. This could be my last option .
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9:07 PM

2000 cal

  • Mood:
   2 servings of chicken fried rice
   half a piece of banana cake
  ( this made me really tired and I went to sleep for an hour)

   rice and sardine
   half a glass of pop
   2 piece chicken and fries(damn you toonie Tuesday!!!)
   1 glass of pop
   a handful of potato chips

Did I have 2000 calories here? I am not sure, but I know judging from these that I have mainly
carbohydrates, so it can't be good...according to the TV show I just watched, women needs 2000 calories a day in order to be able to labeled as healthy. I don't really count my intake, but I do know that this is not eating healthy.
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